Pleat Curtains are used in pimapen, wooden and aluminum windows, sliding pimapen glasses, handrail glasses, curtain glass facades and glass balcony systems. It can be used in triangular glass systems as well as rectangular glasses.

*It is difficult to use in sliding glass balcony systems, but you can get detailed information by sending us the photo of the system.

We have 10 different type of pleated curtain models. You can easily choose from among them according to your needs and taste.

  • Mercury is our standard fabric. It is a plain fabric and has 18 color options.
  • Sun is our glittery tulle fabric. There are 3 color options.
  • Earth is our printed fabric. There are 6 printing options.
  • Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Saturn and Venus are our stylish fabrics with different textures. The fabric and colors of all of them vary.
  • Uranus is our semi-dimming pattern. It cuts the sun by 80% and has 4 color options.
  • Neptune is our full blackout model. It cuts the sun 100% and has 4 color options.
We deliver every city of Turkey via Yurtici Kargo. We also deliver to Europe in accordance with your request with very affordable prices.
All of our products are 2 year-guaranteed.

*Buyer-sourced problems are not guaranteed.

After receiving your order, we produce it and deliver it to Yurtiçi Kargo within 1-3 working days. Yurtiçi Kargo delivers your order within 1-3 business days. For your overseas orders, please contact us before ordering.

You can watch our “how to get measures” for take your measures properly.

You will need to choose between Screw or Adhesive Mounting options when ordering. The production of the curtain will be made according to the option you choose. In order to do the assembly correctly, you can use our video: “How to Assembly?” additionally, we will send an assembly manual with your cargo.

Our assembly service is limited to the Anatolian side of Istanbul and varies according to the number of curtains to be installed. Get detailed information by contacting us before placing your order.
Except for Tulle Pleat Curtain (Sun), none of our curtain models show the interior. Our models, which consist of thin fabrics, will show the objects and people in the space as maximum shadow. Our blackout models, on the other hand, do not show the inside from the outside in any way.

Among our models, Semi Blackout Pleat Curtain (Uranus) and Full Blackout Pleated Curtains (Neptune) cut the sun to a great extent compared to our other curtains. Our full blackout fabric blocks the sun by 100% and our semi-blackout fabric by 80%. The sun transmittance rate of our other curtains is standard.

Pleated curtains are resistant to the sun. Very humid, humid and fogged windows may have a problem over time, and you can solve this by opening the window periodicly.
Pleat Curtains, consisting of high quality polyester fabric, are quality fabrics. You can examine the textures and properties of fabrics on our website or by visiting our office that located in Ataşehir.
Pleat curtain prices vary according to the characteristics of the fabrics, the way of montage and the dimensions of the area. For pleat curtain price calculation, you can choose the product you want on our website and calculate the price according to the product by submitting your measurements in the field next to it. If you wish, you can get a price offer by contacting us by phone or e-mail.