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We’ve so satisfied from this company. They came and took our sizes immediately and made a great balcony glazing system for us! You can shop with confidence.
Zulaha Z.
So satisified with the product! I surely recommend because of its high quality and handiness. We’d also like to thank Mr Emir for caring us on every step -like choosing the prod., taking the measures, tracking our order etc.
Ebru G.
Hi, my order delivered to me with the right color and size. Better than that, communication with the company was great! I experienced a great shopping!
Esra A.
First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to all Fullplise employees in the presence of mr. Emir. I didn’t have any knowledge and skills about this type of curtain that we were considering using for the first time. I researched the internet and the market. While almost all of them were only informing with commercial concerns, I am glad that the Fullplise page I came across on the internet and mr. Emir, in particular, helped with customer satisfaction. With our one-on-one meetings, I was able to install it without any difficulty. In addition, shipping speed, packaging and information guides are very well thought out and planned. In short, it is an institution with unfailing honesty and the tradesmanship we need. Many thanks to all of you.
Yavuz K.

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